Michael Steele Bravely Cracks The Whip, Firing Two RNC Scapegoats For His S&M Sexytime Fun

Is Michael Eyeing Another Prime Chance To Screw His Party?

Perpetual butt of late night talk shows and even-later night scandals involving lesbian bondage clubs, big pimpin’ RNC Chairman Michael Steele has finally stepped up and taken responsibility for the Republican Party’s reckless, sexytime spending sprees at various, upscale lezzy S&M clubs, if by “stepping […]

Bristol Palin’s Very Important Public Service Announcement Warning Poor People To Pause Before Having Abortions

Hey America, it’s me, Bristol coming to you live (and most certainly edited) to give you, the public, a very important public service announcement about what happens when you, the bored daughter of Alaskan royalty, decide to get drunk and make maverick (aka no jimmy hat) sexytime with hotty boy toy Levi Johnston in the […]

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Biggest Beltway Whore Of All?

With the Grand Old Party of family values and straight, missionary-style sex only, feelin’ the burning red heat over the latest Republican donor scandal involving the usual multi-thousand dollar spending sprees at various, upscale bondage-themed Lezzy clubs, the real question on everyone’s mind is which of our esteemed two political parties (of honor, integrity, and […]