House Republicans' New Bill Offers Variety Of Helpful Hints On Proper (Federally Funded!) Ways To Be Raped

Ah, Republicans. The kind of wonderful, caring, Constitution-loving individuals who know that when life hands you lemons, say, by getting incestuously raped and impregnated by your drunkard father, Jesus wants you to make lemon meringue pie in the form of Sharron Angle’s special, secret homemade recipe for coping with unspeakable tragedy (psst: it’s called insanity!).

But […]

It's His House & He'll Cry If He Wants To

Get your man pants on, people!

Weeping orange boner John Boehner apparently did not get the GOP memo about how real Republican men don’t start moaning and wailing like some skirt-wearing sissy queer, they buck the hell up, put on their manliest pair of testosterone-infused man pants (Brett Favre’s Wranglers?) and leave the leaky faucet estrogen […]

The Orangeman Cometh...To Walk The Line Or Burn Down The House?

Get excited America, because last night was the night Republicans “took back Washington” from smart presidents with scary brown skin, wrested control of the House from that no-good Nazi Pelosi lady always prattling on about silly things like equality and helping those gross poors and gays, and with the blessings of Jesus Christ, the bear […]

Republicans Unveil Pledge To Rid America Of Silly Solutions, Gross Diversity, And Deviant Liberal Equality

Like any other decent white patriot worth their weight in teabags and KFC Double Downs, you too probably spent your weekend basking in the sweet (segregated) glory of the GOP’s new Pledge to America, the biggest, brightest, most gamechangingest idea yet to get that no-good Blacky NObama out of the White House and back where […]

Unlike Fat Cat Republicans, Working MaSTIFF Barack Obama Is Blue Collar Man's Best Friend

Well, well looky who finally got all fired, err make that all “wee-wee’d up” during a Labor Day speech in Milwaukee, when our suddenly No-More-Mr.-Nice-Guy-President unveiled a $50 billion long-term jobs program, as well as some good, old fashioned, pent-up rage at the Republican Party, who have spent the better part of the last, oh, […]

John Boehner's Brain's Been So Fried From Barry's Star Power, He Doesn't Even Feel The Need To Try Anymore!

Oh look, 24 hours have passed since terrible Democrats voted in favor of financial reform, which means glowing orange House Minority Leader John Boehner should have endorsed some new, untenable policy in bad faith, umm, about twenty minutes ago at least!

And like the total boner he is, he did not disappoint. His brilliant idea, […]

If Big Banks Are The Ants In Obama's Nuclear Destruction, Does That Make The GOP The Decaying Fungus That Nourishes Them?

What do you do when a desperate, scientifically unexplainable, glowing orange Boehner starts spouting his equally boneheaded opinions on __________ (fill in the blank with whatever subject he is currently waxing pathetic poetic about)?

Why, you naturally give that big Boehner a slap upside the head for having the tangelos big enough to even so much […]

Foot, Meet Mouth: Six Reasons Why The GOP Doesn’t Need Deep Sea Oil Rigs To Spew Toxic Goo From Gaping Holes

If you thought BP was the only one spillin’ baby spillin’ toxic oily goo uncontrollably out of big, leaking holes, think again my friends!

Never underestimate the Grand Oil Puppets’ uncanny ability to take a national disaster of epic proportions, and use the tragedy for their own personal and political gain by saying something even more […]

Like Crude Oil On Marine Mammals, Rep. Joe Barton Sticks To The Sage Words Of Rep. Joe Barton

When Joe Barton felt the sweet, seductive allure of those fifteen minutes of hot, sexy oil-soaked fame, he just couldn’t resist! It felt soooooo good finally getting the attention for once, and having people listen to him instead of that orange Boehner for a change. Now, there’s a change Joe can certainly believe in!

You know […]

John Boehner Will Not Stand For Some Classless Knight, Former Beatles Included, Bashing His Hero George W. Bush; But Torturing Muslims Is A-Okay!

You know what really squeezes the juice right out of John Boehner’s sad orange face? Brings those tears splatterin’ big, fat ‘n hot right out his piercing baby blues?

No, not the distinguished former eight-year Republican President George W. Bush boastin’ ’bout torturin’ Muslims, hehe, while he was The Decider or how he would do it […]