Trying 9/11 Terrorists In NY? Eh. Rudy’s Just Glad To See We’re At "War" Again

Hahahahahaha, Republicans are funny! You just never know what they’ll come up with next!

Which is what makes Attorney General Eric Holder’s opening remarks to the Senate Judiciary Committee about the administration’s decision to bring terror suspects, including 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to trial in New York so exciting! No one knows what crazy response […]

John Shadegg Knows We Should Never Surrender To Terrorists By Surrendering To Terrorists

Adorably unstable Arizona Rep. John Shadegg–whose awesome argument against health care reform was to drag infant baby “Maddie” onto the House floor to “explain” (in a deep man’s voice) why she no likey Obama’s doomsday health care plan to insure all Americans and offer free abortions for all the other babies not lucky enough to […]

Colorado State Sen. Dave Schultheis’s Bark Isn’t Bigger Than His Bite

Have no fear people, mind-blowing idiocy is alive and well in the state of Colorado! Thanks to the brilliance of yet another saber-toothed GOP state Senator Dave Schultheis, the latest in a long and storied tradition of Republican morons who just can’t figure out how to use all this off-the-hook youth technology without acting like […]

Cheney To Obama: You Don’t Know Dick About National Security

Cheerful cuddlebug Dick Cheney is always down to help clear things up and set the record straight especially when it comes to matters of national security. It’s his bread and butter!

It’s not easy being the lone voice of reason and truth, but hey, someone’s got to do it.

Which is why we’ve come to depend on […]

This Dick Has Got Some Balls

After TKOing John McCain in November, President and defending lightweight champion Barack Obama faced off against another white-haired, even more decrepit opponent on Thursday: Dark Lord of the Underworld Dick Cheney.

In the greatest national security showdown since Nancy Pelosi accused the CIA of acting all spy-like by deceiving the public about the non-torture techniques used […]

Dick Cheney’s Sleepless Nights

Eternal optimist and beacon of hope for all humanity, Dick Cheney isn’t one to focus only on the negative. But even a ray of sunshine like himself knows danger when he sees it, and that danger is named Barack Hussein Obama.

Unlike that current menace in the White House, Dick knows that Bush administration policies on […]