Holy Cow-on-the-Tracks! Wacky RNC Chairman Michael Steeles the Show

Thanks to the magical land of tubes known as the Internets, precious moments once relegated to a secret corner of the attic can now be enjoyed by any loser with a computer and a connection.

That means everyday schlubs like you and me can now enjoy once-hidden treasures like this hilarious photo album of endlessly entertaining […]

Jenny Sanford Spreads the Holiday Cheer With Some Nice, Old Fashioned Divorce Papers

Did Babs Walters’ 10 most fascinating people special push Jenny Sanford over the edge by reminding her of that dumb, still-husband of hers Mark Sanford, whose compass famously navigated him from the innocent trails of the Appalachians to the smooth, welcoming arms of his Latina lover 3,000 miles away in Buenos Aires?

Could be. What we […]

Meghan McCain Can’t Understand Why Hollywood Doesn’t See War as Playful Romp Through Gum Drop Forest

Meghan McCain is very upset. And this time, it’s not even ’cause of a bad hair day or ’cause everyone is talking about her bountiful breasts which she took a picture of and posted on Twitter because she loves America that much. Nope, not even close. This time it’s even worse: Hollywood.

Meggy just doesn’t understand […]

New York Nixes Gay Marriage, Reminding Us That It’s Still a State in Appalachia

Just Not In Their Backyard

Yay! The land of the free remains but a cruel joke as the rights of that one group of colorful misfits known as the gays were once again denied equal rights and the same constitutional protections granted to the rest of us normal, God-loving breeders.

That’s right folks! The good people of […]

A Police Massacre in Washington: Just One of Huck’s Many, Costly Regrets

Tough talkin,’ bible thumpin,’ obesity trumpin’ former presidential laughingstock Mike Huckabee might be having some second thoughts about commuting Maurice Clemmons’ life sentence way back when he was still the rotund governor of Arkansas. But that doesn’t mean it’s Huck’s fault the psycho went off and massacred four police officers while they unassumingly sipped lattes […]

Westboro Baptist Church Doesn’t Much Care For Homos or Bobbsey Twins of Sin Sasha & Malia

The freakshows and whackjobs who make up the Westboro Baptist Church, the redheaded stepchild of fringe anti-gay groups, famous for protesting at military funerals, carrying signs such as “Thank God for 9/11,” and blaming the world’s woes on the dreaded sin of homosexuality have set their sights on another deviant threat to humanity: those awful […]

GET MOTIVATED! With Special Guest Speaker & Two-Time Presidential Failure George W. Bush

Out of work? Down on your luck? Feeling uninspired, tired, or lazy? Frustrated with your lack of opportunity? Sick and tired of all your friends passing you by on their way to better jobs, higher salaries, and a more exciting, fulfilled life??

Then get pumped America! It’s time for the world famous GET MOTIVATED Seminar […]

Mr. "Community Organizer" Reverts To His Race-Baiting Self–Must Be Election Time!

I See Black People!

Rudy Giuliani doesn’t much care for “community organizers“ or any other secret code name disingenuous former New York City mayors like to use to describe scary black people when pandering to whites-preferred groups like the Republican Party.

Especially when trying to convince a group of frail old Superjews in Brooklyn to vote for […]

Marriage=One Man+One Woman And All The Homo-Free Leaf Piles You Desire

Just Click The Link, It Works

The God-loving, queer-hating crusaders behind the Protect Marriage Washington PAC are working ’round the clock to prevent their illustrious state from being the next to fall to the gays…and not just any gays, but crazed, marriage-obsessed gays!

If you think the decent, church-going folks who reside in America’s rainy northwest are […]

When The General Speaks, Ladies Keep Your Ears Open And Mouths Shut!

“Tell Me What To Do Big, Strong Man!”

Republicans in general hate it when pesky estrogen-filled ladies have jobs, and as a result, tend to do whatever they can to put them in their rightful place in the kitchen or in the hospital to fulfill their God-given duty of popping out babies.

Sometimes these snide, misogynist-tinged beliefs […]